About Joel Simpson…

My Photographic Philosophy

A lifelong photographer, I opened my studio doors in 2006, when I realized that wedding photography could be artistically satisfying. Since then I’ve striven to give my clients the best in personal service and taken enormous pleasure in getting to know people from many different social, religious, national and ethnic backgrounds. I do this when I travel the world, and I do it right at home with my clients.

The power of photography is its believability: it represents a visual reality. But the way we see and imagine things, especially people, is highly conditioned by our feelings and desires. Digital photography offers powerful tools for bringing important realities—like faces—a lot closer to the way we imagine them, and this is part of my service to my clients.

But photography offers much more. In my lifelong experience looking at photographs and other artistic media, then in capturing people of many cultures around the world as well as landscapes, architecture, and compelling abstractions in rock formations, I’ve become acutely aware of composition, setting, and context. It’s these sensitivities, deployed instantaneously when photographing ceremonies, family groups, crowds of dancers, couples on a stroll and all kinds of portraits, that permit me to use the power of photography to capture the powerful images that can strengthen your memories.

My photographs have won statewide prizes as well as international ones and been published in catalogues and international magazines, such as Natural History, Shots, Silvershotz (Australia), View (Brussels), and Adbusters (Vancouver). In February 2019, published a book of my fine art geological photography, Earthforms: Intimate Portraits of Our Planet, available at earthforms.net and on Amazon. You’re also welcome to visit my fine art photography site at joelsimpsonart.com.

Call or text me at 908-875-8741; or email me at jssphoto@verizon.net.

Hours M-S 10am to 10pm
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