We never give up the capacity to laugh and have fun. Some people get right to it; some people do it in more subtle ways; and some people appreciate a little coaching to bring out their “party” selves. Most of the time I’m watching for spontaneous expressions of personality. But when taking deliberate portraits at parties I try to sense what each person, couple or group might need to bring out a little more of their spontaneity in front of the camera.

I also take seriously the job of capturing every speech or ceremony at an event from a variety of perspectives.

If your event is 3 hours or longer, I will download and project the photos I’ve taken there close to the end, so everyone gets to re-experience the event as it unfolded and to see it from a variety of points of view. 

Call or text me at 908-875-8741; or email me at

Hours M-S 10am to 10pm
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