As a New Jersey portrait photographer, I deal with a wide variety of people—one of the great pleasures of this business! I take the time to connect with my portrait clients to put them at ease and bring out their best selves. We always do a consultation first, which gives me a chance to show interest in the children and get them excited about the coming session (I share my fossil collection with them, or show them age-appropriate books).

We also talk about what to wear and where they would like to create the portraits—at their home,  at a meaningful outdoor setting, or in my studio.

The photo session takes an hour to 90 minutes, and we all have fun. I usually bring a seamless white background that presents people very strongly and permits wonderful composites (see the samples, above).

Afterwards, I come to your home and project the results on your wall, so you can get an idea of what different sizes look like.

Traditional prints are on fine paper, matted and framed under glass. But canvas and aluminum prints are spectacular alternatives and require no framing or glass.

Other types of portraits I do include headshots, maternity, and glamour/boudoir.


Call or text me at 908-875-8741; or email me at jssphoto@verizon.net.

Hours M-S 10am to 10pm
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